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We play in the instructional Essex County Women's Softball League (ECWSL)

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Middleton Youth Softball

Middleton Youth Softball strives to be a great stepping stone towards learning the mechanics of the game and loving the sport; all while having fun and being part of a positive team atmosphere!  We encourage you no matter what your experience or skill level is to register and be part of this program

Corporate Sponsorship Link


Banner Sponsorship: $300 Your company’s information on two 3’ x 5’ banners
Team Sponsorship: $200 Your company name on a team's jerseys and a "Thank You" plaque with a photo of your team!
Premium Sponsorship: $450 Purchase both a Banner and Team sponsorship and save $50!
Other Donation:  Any and all donations to our program are welcomed and appreciated!

Sponsors need to fill out the form submit  payment before 3/15/23


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CONTACT US Middleton Youth Softball

P.O. Box 984, Middleton, MA 01949